Morning… GOOD Morning in Avatar Garden

Beauty is simple…
Imagine the fragrance of Jasmine add a Royal touch and you have the Frangipani-LeeLawadee-Plumeria-Pagoda Tree-Temple Tree…you name it.
Plumeria, commonly called the Frangipani Tree, has acquired mystical status in Southeast Asia. It is an ornamental tree with scented flowers that is easy to grow.
Plumeria trees have VERY beautiful scented flowers and an all year appeal.
Here in Thailand it is known as Lanthom or LeeLawadee. It is believed that Plumeria, when named Lanthom, is unlucky to have in a house but once it has been renamed LeeLawadee it is perfectly acceptable. Buddhist Monks use the Plumeria or Temple Tree in their religious rituals.

Ympad Boganvilla…Okey da jag vet att den heter Bougainvillea… men pa fri Svenska blir det Boganvilla.. och don’t forget Bougainvilleas grow thorns on their branches, they r toxic to the touch. Like most plants here in the jungle, long spikes or razor sharp blades, weed like barbwire, but not to worry some newer varieties of bougainvillea are nearly thornless.

I am filling the pool as I write this…

Vattnet steg med en hel meter i fiskdammen, nar jag pumpade ur poolen. Trodde fisken skulle bli kokt for vattnet var varm. Fast bara 1 strok med.

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