Muddy waters

It been raining all night.. but as daylight brakes to the soft bells from the temple the sky clears and the sun brakes over the golden mountain. It’s a magic morning.. even the fish seams happy in the pond.
Not so much flowers now in the rainy season, well there is a few bedded in the lush greenery.

28 AUG

Guess what it’s already a beautiful day… and the pool looks very inviting.
But first some gardening until it gets to warm. Then it’s decision time… Beer / Pool / Hammock /Sang-Som (The drink won gold medals in liquor competitions in Madrid, Spain in 1982 and 1983 I think it’s still priceless @ 300BTH/Bottle). Well it will probably be a bit of all… seeing dreams never last. Have a nice day folks, Don’t wait too long to fulfill your own dreams.

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